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FAMILY PHOTO ALBUM -- Sometime around 2007, upon the arrival of my second grandchild, I began appending a single photo to the bottom of Little Egypt Magic, usually unrelated to the general narrative of the issue. At times these were purely personal, such as annual Christmas photos of the grandkids. (The precedent was the Bill Larsen Christmas issues of Genii, with photos of the Larsen clan adorning a Christmas tree.) Or perhaps to share images of my spooky novels from 2015 and 2016. But mostly the goal became to add interesting magic-related images, along the lines of Stan Allen's finally page in MAGIC.

To make it easy to find favorite photos, I have consolidated all those closing images into this single file. It's like getting The New Yorker online. You can access all the cartoons at once, without having to flip through the magazine.

Each photo has a link to the issue in which it originally appeared. Also recall that virtually every photo in Little Egypt Magic has a hidden caption, sometimes a gag caption. To make them appear, just hover your mouse cursor over the photo, or poke it with your finger on your ios device. And finally, bear in mind that these closing photos are only a small percentage of the photos that accompany the text. For those use the index to peruse topics of interest. Have fun.

And now the photos ...

January 2020


House Rules, 1967.


December 2019


Charlie, Audrey, and Max.


November 2019


Early Burger.


October 2019


Only one dollar to see Neff.


September 2019

A young teenager annotates Practical Mental Effects.



August 2019

Featured at Waterstones!


July 2019

Wickedly funny.



June 2019

Amazing plates



May 2019

Chandu's buddies thought it was fishy that he always knew when they were bluffing.



April 2019

Are these guys any good?


March 2019

Best 95 cents I ever spent in magic.


February 2019

From Secretos de Magia Potagia.


January 2019

Lucky ghost card.


December 2018

Charlie, Audrey, and Max.


November 2018

My first "real" magic trick, Martinelz Magic Mart, 1959.


October 2018

On the bookshelf.


September 2018

Happy birthday!


August 2018

Three-ring routine, 1976.


July 2018

Exceeded my allowance.


June 2018

Sometimes I feel as if our marriage is haunted.


May 2018

How to flatten a rug.


April 2018

Welcome to the Magic Castle.


March 2018

Magic before the days of Amazon.


February 2018

Crass commercialism.


December 2017

At Christmas once again, we indulge in a family visit ...

Max, Audrey, and Charlie.


November 2017

A more colorful view of last month's craft project..


October 2017

My sister-in-law is crafty.


September 2017

Money well spent.


August 2017



July 2017

Books and ghosts.


June 2017

Movie magic: the films Walt himself supervised.


May 2017

Advice from beyond.


April 2017

Pretty sexy back in the sixties.


March 2017

A particularly useful divination tool.


February 2017

Welcome to McGrave's. Your room is ready.


January 2017

Neff knew how to draw a crowd.


December 2016

At Christmas once again, we indulge in a family visit ...

Max, Audrey, and Charlie.


November 2016

Happiness is a spread of spooky books.


October 2016

Happiness is a signed Charles Addams print.


August 2016

"If your lips move, they'll never notice."


July 2016

Spend a night in a spooky hotel. Your check in date is 10.11.16, and the reservation lines are open.*

(*Amazon and Barnes and Noble are taking pre-orders.)

June 2016

Custom journal / novel, Son of the Phantom.


May 2016

Month9Books cover release.


April 2016

A letter from Bill Larsen, 1968.


March 2016

Performing in Free to Be You and Me.


February 2016

A message from beyond.


January 2016

Bill Goodwin's credits send me back to original sources.


December 2015

At Christmas once again, we indulge in a family visit ...

Max, Audrey, and Charlie.



November 2015

First family vacation, when Pencil in Buttonhole lured me to magic.


October 2015

Haunted Mansion crystal ball.


September 2015

It's almost Halloween. Pick up a copy of my favorite ghost story.


August 2015

I've heard this poster in my garage is kinda rare.


July 2015

My first magic set.


June 2015

Happiness is finding your book at the library.


May 2015

Lucas Mackenzie is featured at Barnes and Noble.


March 2015

On the left, Scuttle sings "Human Stuff" as her gulls dance behind her.


February 2015

My favorite childhood toy. Ever.


January 2015

Awesome Christmas gift.


December 2014

Max, Audrey, and Charlie.


November 2014

Coming February 2015.


October 2014

The book that introduced me to ghost shows.


September 2014

The girl has chops.


August 2014

Baby Cthulhu.


July 2014

Stuff you don't want to explain to your wife.


June 2014

Thank you, Maleficent.


May 2014

This would make a great Father's Day gift.


April 2014

You look mah-velous.


March 2014

A Christmas gift from the Haunted Mansion.


February 2014

A parting gift.



One grandkid likes to hike, the other likes her new brother.


November 2013

A popup from Okito, courtesy of Byron Walker.


October 2013

Strange shadows.


September 2013

New kids on the block.


August 2013

The first time I saw his name.


May 2013

Sylvester the Jester's new Insto-Mallet.


April 2013

Is there a rule that everyone on this show has to puncture himself?


February 2013

And for the boy who has everything ...


At Christmas once again, we indulge in a family visit ...

December 2012

One grandkid likes her blue coat, the other plays the blues.


October 2012

Castle royalty.


July 2012

Folks at The False Deal convention take cards seriously.


December 2011

One grandkid hikes in Brown County, the other enjoys a fourth birthday at school.


September 2011

OK, that's Bret on the left, Bart on the right.


August 2011

The computer that started it all.


June 2011

The chili with white chicken at Yats.


May 2011

Ron Urban had a classy brochure.


And given that it's Christmas, we indulge in family visits ...

December 2010

One grandkid attends a Star Wars convention, another a Chicago street fair.


October 2010

I love you, Lance, even though I know you are The Bat.


September 2010

Ye editor on the cover of Genii, if you look really close.


August 2010

Answer to quiz:

The ace of spades.


May 2010

At MCA with Adele Friel Rhindress, Blackstone stage star.


February 2010

Why I always dined at the hotel restaurant.


December 2009

If you're old enough for 50 years of Genii, you're old enough for cute grandkids.


November 2009

Taschen -- superior books for discerning readers and collectors.


October 2008

John and Mac get reel.

MUM gets scary for Halloween.


September 2008

And coming next month ...

Finally unearthed ...


May 2008

Toys, MCA Weekend 2008.


October 2007


I've been here three weeks. Where's the candy?


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